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Seminars and Lectures

Classes are held at three levels according to the participants’ needs.

1 – The psychological level
2 – The spiritual level
3 – Mastery and Ascension

At Level 1 the adult-developmental-psykology’s many facets is being taught. You develop self-awareness and gain an understanding of what it is in you that sabotages your life. We work with awareness of your self-repression mechanisms. The work is about creating integrity and harmony through your growth potential.

Topics example: Development psychology, family psychology, energy psychology, life history, personality types, patterns of life, stereotypes, healing, communication, releasing negative emotions.

At Level 2 your horizon is expanded to include human interaction with the spiritual world. Self- development and healing takes off and you begin to take responsibility for your life. The basic spiritual knowledge and terminology is taught.

Your knowledge becomes skills and you start practice it / live it.

Topics example: Spiritual psychology, universal laws, our spiritual guides and helpers, healing, duality, the system, psychic abilities, the Divine Human.

At Level 3 your personal empowerment increases as your own self- sabotage is now diminished. This makes you a master who takes responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life. Being master means to be a creator on Earth, to take your own divinity in hand.

It thus called co-creation; ie yourself and your Higher Self .

Topics example: Co-creation, neutralization, awareness processes, channeling, mastership, ascension, DNA, Akasha.