The World’s Course

The World of Human Rights. Hope

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The World’s Course. The World of Human Rights.  HOPE
The world is going wild! It all goes to hell! It is total Armageddon! This is what is being said all around. Both TV and newspapers are teeming with bad news.
Fortunately, my world looks different.
In my opinion, we are heading for a better World.
The world is not about to fall. A huge washing of Earth and man is going on, a powerful cleansing process and transformation process is ongoing in all of us, and it alone can cause a lot of anxiety, which feeds the dooms tellers. But fear not, we are headed for peace on Earth !!!
How on earth do we do that, you could ask. That is what this book is all about.

The World’s Course is partly a history book, partly a debate book and partly a spiritual book. The World history since World War II is briefly being presented and these events are related to the time right now. Then the spiritual information’s explains all these events and points forward to the New Time. The book describes three phases of the transformation process, and we are now in 2012 heading into the third and final phase, which will bring a renaissance of our consciousness, where our hitherto unused potentials for creation are activated.
So if you need hope, need a new vision of what is going on in the world right now, you must read this book.
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